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Image by Robert Katzki

Deciduous Trees

My leaves turn colors and leaf in the fall

Conifer Trees

I'm what some call the year round tree, I'm Evergreen.

Image by @jit kumar
Image by Cathy VanHeest

Shrubs & Perennials

My specialty is coming back every year with a spring/summer/fall splash


I will bring you some fantastic colors, but I'll peace out after the season!

Image by Wes Hicks
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Christmas Trees & Greenery

We have a wide variety of cut trees, live trees, and greenery.  Bring the whole family to join us for some hot cocoa, festive lights and cozy fires! We will be open daily from 12:00 to 7:00 while supplies last. See below for availability.

Live Container Trees & Fresh Cut Trees

Live Spruce Trees 18"-5'
Douglas Fir 5-8' 
Frasier Fir 7-8'
Noble Fir 7-8'


Fresh Boughs, Garland & Holly

Incense Cedar Boughs 
Juniper Boughs 
Princess Pine Boughs 
Western Red Cedar Boughs 
Port Orford Cedar Boughs 
Mixed Evergreen Garland 
Western Red Cedar Garland 
Green Holly 
Variegated Holly

Wreaths, Swags & Runners

Cedar & Juniper 22" Wreath

Noble Fir 18"-40" Wreath 

Swag with Berries 15" 

Swag 22" 

Table Runner or Mantle 28"